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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Residence Blog

Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

7 Rituals to make you happier at home

Apart from looking to furnish our homes, we are all looking for ways to make the time we spend in them more special and harmonious and to make us happier at home. It’s all about the rituals…

7 Rituals to make you happier at home

So what should our happy home rituals be? All of the above! No seriously, there are lots more and I thought I would share them here today. Continue reading

5 Home Bar Trends to Get Behind

As pub popularity continues to dwindle, fashionable bars and coffee shops continue to grab our attention. We are increasingly looking to our favourites as a source of inspiration and devoting more time to creating the perfect home bar.

5 home bar trends to get behind

Here are five home bar trends you might fancy getting behind… Continue reading

Typography Trends 2017: Use your walls to inject more happiness

Which types mattered in 2016 and what will the typography trends 2017 be? How can you use words to inject more happiness in you home?

Typography Trends 2017: Use your walls to inject more happiness

Typography has definitely blossomed as a home accessorising trend this year. In a difficult year in which we all try to make sense of the wider world, words on the wall can be something to cling to. They have become more popular with younger homemakers via easy to create and share social media graphics. For families they offer a chance to reflect and perhaps instill a sense of shared values. But it’s not just the content we’re interested in, the type really matters too…

Trends in Typography

We’re defintely more aware of fonts these days, Elegant themes point out that Amazon’s Bookerly font for its Kindle readers, Google’s custom typeface Product Sans, and Apple’s San Francisco typeface bring fonts to the front of screen user’s minds. As fonts become easier for us to experiment with via free graphics packages, we also become more interested in displaying them in our homes.

Hand drawn, script and watercolour typography have been big in 2016 and continue to blossom into 2017. Retro, letterpress and mixed fonts that play off each other are clear trends too. You can see all of these above.

It’s clear we’re being a little retrospective in our font choices, while also perhaps trying to find something more real, more hand written and authentic perhaps? Of course, inevitably typography trends mean that in trying to be original, we all end up looking the same. Perhaps the geometric trend is the one to watch in 2017, as well as layering text over images.

Zazzle Media also predict big, bold, beautiful, typography in 2017…

‘Expect to see an increase in over-sized and full screen type which breaks the grid, beautiful, unique, hand-rendered typography and lots of dynamic text and image layering…’

Form over content?


What about the content? It is easy to knock cliched phrases, but cliches stand the test of time, and often have a kernel of truth in them too. Words are wonderful, and mantras are another example of how the the simplest string of words can have a powerful impact on us.

As I helped a friend pack up her home recently I noticed how many little plaques and frames with wise words she had. Dusty and a little overlooked, they were still full of happy promise. I couldn’t help but give into to the sentiments and smile as I imagined them displayed in her new home.

I keep thinking of another moment when words grabbed me.  I saw a picture on someone’s instagram, of an embroidery in a London Charity shop. It said ‘I always look inside wardrobes for Narnia’. It spoke to be instantly, in a way that is hard to explain further. That sense of believing in magic, in possibility, it’s rooted deeply in my psyche as a writer, and before that a drama teacher. Sadly the charity shop was too far away to buy, but I will find something similar. I could even make my own, graphics programmes are so easy to play with these days.

‘Words Can Inspire, and words can destroy, choose yours well.’

Robin Sharma

Once you have chosen the typography that speaks to you, deciding where to place your canvas, and making these words part of your daily routine is key. The right words to welcome you, and others, into your home. The uplifting words by the bathroom mirror when you get ready to face the world. Words about family life around the kitchen table. The motivational quotes above your desk.

Surround yourself with the right words and you have a powerful force for change.

What words do you have in your home and why? Have you followed typography trends? Which fonts appeal to you?

Image credit – from a selection of wall decor under £50 at Wayfair.

Home gratitude, 6 ways to love your home more

If there is one thing I have learnt from writing a blog about homes and interiors over the last seven years, it is that I am incredibly lucky to have a roof over my head. We’ve all been there, we charge around worrying about trends, with one eye on keeping up with the Jones’ and the other on keeping up with the versions of home we see on social media and in interiors magazines.

Home gratitude, ways to love your home more

It’s easy to lose track of what home really means. To fall out of love with home.

Of course, I’m the first to agree it’s important that our homes reflect us, comfort us and nurture us, I’ve written about the importance of making your home happy to make yourself happy, it really can be done on a budget too!

But sometimes, we need to step right back, take stock and really appreciate what we have. To really love your home, for what it is, security, shelter, warmth and sustenance. Here’s some starting points: Continue reading

Thrifty ways to display seasonal flowers in your home

Thrifty ways to display seasonal flowers in your home

Flowers don’t have to cost lots of money to bring some cheer into the house, one of the greatest joys is finding a way to display seasonal flowers flowers for free. If I am honest, big bunches of flowers can be overwhelming, there isn’t a natural space for them in our house and I never quite manage to arrange them as beautifully as they look in their bouquet. Continue reading

Easy ways to inject some Greenery – Pantone Colour of the Year 2017


Easy ways to inject some Greenery Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017 is greenery, what do you think?

It’s a big nod the environment. Bringing greenery into our home will perhaps remind us of the importance of looking after nature, and in a time when we are driven deeper and deeper into technology, of being in the wild ourselves too. From that point of view I love it.

Green is the most calming colour you can have in your home too, yet we often don’t embrace it. We underestimate it’s powers, perhaps it is time to let a little green back into our homes?

On the flip side, it is quite a bold and almost lime green, not an easy shade for everyone. However, it does work brilliantly as a pop of colour or a means to lift more subtle shades, so today I have pulled out some items that allow the greenery in, without taking over completely. The green sheep is a bit of a red herring, if that isn’t mixing too many metaphors, although I am sure someone out there needs a green sheep in their life! Continue reading

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