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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Residence Blog

Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

One Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe (for those that don’t like Bloody Mary)

Bloody Mary

I always thought Bloody Mary was a cocktail I should like, it seemed so healthy, containing a vegetable as it does, and such a classic. Having trained myself to like Marmite, I felt confident I could overcome my disgust at the taste of cold tomato juice, but sadly it was not to be for many years. I tried the drink on cruise ships, as well as at highly regarded British and American brunch spots, thinking I would be converted, but sadly it was not to be, until… Continue reading

Happy and Home: Bring on the Summer Garden Party!

Summer Garden Party

There hasn’t been enough sun really yet has there this summer? Yesterday started with such promise and by the end of the day it was grey again. Well, at the weekend I marshalled at a 10k race and fete for Macmillan and I remembered the lovely summer garden party my neighbour and fellow blogger Emily from A Mummy Too threw recently, also for Macmillan, and it got me thinking, maybe doing something charitable, lights and colour are the way to see off a grey summer, oh, and cake of course!

Macmillan is such a great cause, they have a way of bringing people together during difficult times and that comes through beautifully in their fundraising too. I love the idea of a Summer Lights garden party for a good cause, there are more tips on how to throw your own Summer Lights party on  the Macmillan site. Here are some ideas to get you started: Continue reading

Living, Eating and Travelling Danishly: Making Smorrebrod

Eating Danishly - Learning how to make a Smorrebrod at Snaps and Rye in London - 6

I’ve discovered the perfect family weekend ritual, Smorrebrod, this is going to make you so happy to be home! Snaps + Rye is London’s only Danish restaurant, situated on the Golborne Road and run by Danish husband and English wife team Kell and Jacqueline Skött. Spotting a gaping hole in the market and as keen foodies, they decided to turn their hairdressing salon into a cafe.  Having sampled their amazing Smorrebrod, or open sandwiches, at Blogstock festival I ‘snapped’ up the chance to learn how to make them at their restaurant with the experts in Scandinavian travel, Best Served Scandinavia last week. Continue reading

7 Easy BBQ Salads, Plus A BBQ Giveaway

Watermelon, feta and tomato salad

It’s great to get some veggies into a BBQ, but the last thing I want with a burger is the traditional BBQ fare of a heavy pasta or potato salad, neither do I want to just empty a token bag of salad into a bowl, that no one eats. BBQ salads can be really easy as well as complimenting, and even over shadowing the food on the BBQ, here are some ideas to get your mouth watering.

Continue reading

Happy and Home: How to Make Elderflower Champagne

How to make Elderflower Champagne

When I was 18 my Mum presented me with a cookbook with all my favourites and many ideas from across the family. This recipe was one of hers and while I remember her making it when I was small, I was always too young to taste this mildly alcoholic brew. Walking with Max over the bank holiday weekend I stumbled on some elderflowers and decided, after all these years, it was time to try out that recipe. Continue reading

25 super filling 100 calorie snacks

25 super filling 100 calorie snacks

I’ve had an amazing birthday week and eaten and drunk more than I would normally – and it was brilliant  – but I thought I might remind myself of some of my favourite healthy snacks too, just to tip the balance back a little, although don’t worry, you will find crumpets and hot chocolate in here too.

At the moment I am enjoying eating whatever foods I like, but trying to be a bit mindful about it and make snacks more of a mini meal than something grabbed while standing in front of the kitchen cupboard. So here are 25 healthy and filling snacks that also happen to come in under 100 calories. Continue reading

Camp Bestival: the festival with a foodie line up!

Camp Besitval foodie line up

Camp Besitval foodie line up

Music drifting through the August haze, flags waving in the breeze, sun kissed family sprawled on a picnic rug spread with food from around the world. After a morning of sword carving and willow boat making, circus games and watching acrobats walk the high wire we’re ready to eat. I dig into poached egg with gilled aubergine in smoky sauce atop sourdough toast. Mr A has the best of what DJ BBQ is spinning and the kids are feasting on simple sandwiches just how they like them, and cake from the WI tent.


Smokey sauce, grilled aubergine and egg poached in front of me, in a giant pan of smokey sauce, all piled big on a slice of sourdough and topped with fresh coriander

I will let you into a secret, I only have a quick glance at the music line up for Camp Bestival, I am quite happy to trust that Rob da Bank has that sorted. Much as we love music, there is so much to do that we have often spent the whole weekend pottering and making stuff, dropping in on the odd band. But one line up I have had a proper look at is the Camp Bestival food line up – yes this incredible festival actually has a foodie line up –  because as a veggie and a foodie, the catering is a huge highlight for me.

Festival catering means we can try loads of different restaurants relatively cheaply – I use the word restaurant because the caterers truly are incredible  –  while the kids eat whatever appeals to their more limited palates. Mr A and I also have totally different tastes as a carnivore and a veggie. Everyone is a winner.

We’re really excited to be Camp Bestival Bloggers again this year. We’re displaying the badge with pride!

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