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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

How does Feng Shui Work? 13 easy to action feng shui tips


Let’s face it tidying is pretty boring, so wouldn’t it be brilliant to know that tidying a particular corner of your home might make you wealthier, happier or healthier?

How feng shui works

Feng shui works on the principle that different areas of our homes represent different areas of our lives. A bagua is a map which helps you to identify which parts of each floor of your house, and also each room are tied to which area of our lives.

Disorganisation in the North area of you home might indicate you are becoming to absorbed in your career. If I stare down the corridor in our house, I can see that the money corner is a toilet, the relationship area is a pile of laundry, random junk and a dying dishwasher. Doesn’t bode well!  On the other hand, our most organised room, the living room represents friends and travel, two areas of life I think we have pretty sorted right now.

When I look at the map I perhaps didn’t need an expert to tell me that disorganisation in the youngest’s bedrooms is causing problems in the ‘children and creativity’ area of our home and our lives, but it is fascinating to look at the map and see that!

Of course, Feng shui isn’t going to work if you believe it is some kind of magic, instead, if you appreciate that is is about the science between how humans and their building interact, your getting closer and more likely to bring about change. It’s all about the art of placement to bring about balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment. It’s named after the elements of feng (wind) and shui (water).

It’s tempting to start in the easy areas, but in feng shui, clutter stops the flow of chi. Everything has energy, so tackling the cupboard under the stairs or an overstuffed shed might be the bigger game changer. Another way is to start with the entry way and then the centre of home, or to focus on the areas that need most attention…


This map applies not only to each floor of your home but also to each room. Stand in the doorway to orient yourself and get a handle on which corner is which. If your room has more than one doorway, use its main entrance.


Feng Shui Tips

To feng shui specific areas of your home areas try these ideas. Remember that the map above can be applied to each floor of the house and also to each room within it.

Wealth: Place fresh flowers or a jade plant (pictured above) here – there is hope for my downstairs loo after all! This is also a great place to keep cash or a important treasures.

Reputation: The place to display awards, certificates or medals is the middle back of the house or room.

Relationships: The back right of your home or room is the place to experiment with pairs, especially potent are lovebirds, butterflies, and cranes or an image of two trees intertwined. Matching chairs or pairs of cushions can also work well.

Children and creativity: The middle right of your home or room is the place to indulge creative pursuits, a craft or hobby space, or a place to indulge your inner child too with colour, fun objects or a memo board.

Friends and travel: This is the spot for fun, whether it is artwork made by friends, or a map that reminds you of a favorite trip or a journey that you hope to take.

Career: This is often the entrance hall in a home, and needs to be bright and well lit. We recently made our hallway travel themed, little did I know this is exactly what feng shui recommends – reflect your passions and job.

Knowledge: Reading nooks are a rising trend, so here is the place to create yours! If you meditate, this is a great place for it.

Family and health: Focus on cleanliness here to boost health and wellbeing.  Of course it’s the perfect spot for a family-photo wall too!

If you want to quickly put problems right in your home and see how it affects you, try some of these quick fixes.

Feng Shui Inspired Quick Fixes

  1. Get a round paperweight, these promote growth and strength, stick on invoices owed to encourage action.

2. Get rid of broken stuff, it affects vitality

3. Large plants like lily, bamboo and jade varieties are top on the list for good energy.

4. Use a screen, or cover elements like technology or clutter.

5. Add music for yan active energy.

Have you experimented with feng shui in your home? Which ideas might you experiment with in your home?

Photo credit: Shutterstock, Feng Shui Bagua, Jade Plant

3 thoughts on “How does Feng Shui Work? 13 easy to action feng shui tips

  • Daniel

    I always wondered if feng shui works. But over the weekend I rearranged my lounge room. When I woke up this morning I felt like I was in a different home and definitely in a better mood

  • Charlotte

    Tried Feng Shui, but I just couldn’t come to the terms of the long term benefit of it. Someone jokingly said, lose weight to rid of back pain instead of this… *rolls eyes*


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