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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

5 reasons why a white wall can work magic

Whether you follow trends or not white can be an incredibly versatile colour to paint your home. Despite bolder colours making it into homes, we’ve seen a real return to this trend, or perhaps it never left? Here are some reasons to embrace the whitewash…

5 reasons white walls work - why a white wall can be the best DIY decision you make...

White removes the need for decision

We live in a world where we are overwhelmed with decision making. We’ve seen the trend for limiting our decisions work it’s way down from the ‘tricks of highly effective people’, who know that making decisions sucks energy. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg wears white t-shirts all the time – he has bigger things to worry about. If colour and interiors are your passion, then you will enjoy looking at colour swatches and choosing colours. If you have lots of decisions to make elsewhere in life it’s fine to say I’m going with white, it’s one less decision to make.

White is cheap

Going for one bulk order of white paint is always going to be cheaper than playing around with lots of colours. Which may leave more money for more flamboyan pieces of art, designer furniture or colourful accessories. Or for travel, experiences or other life adventures.

White is easy to maintain

I have a jam jar of white paint in the cupboard, every time someone leaves a mark I can cover it up easily. There’s no need for lots of jam jars of different colours. Of course, you could argue that having white walls shows up the first faster, but knowing you can quickly fix it brings peace of mind.

White never goes out of fashion

Every year Pantone pick a colour of the year and fashion and interior palettes are swamped with it. We can all look back at a wall paper or paint colour that dated fast and shudder. White never goes out of fashion and is the perfect blank canvas to play with new ideas and trends via accessories.

5 reasons white walls work

White can be adapted to suit the whole family’s mood

Colour is a deeply personal thing, affecting people in very different ways. A deep blue living room might make one person feel intellectually stimulated while depressing another. Red might make one person feel passionate and give another a headache. Rather than relying on large swathes of colour to inject mood, objects, accessories and art can be used to conjure the right feelings in a room.

White brings in the light

White makes our spaces feel larger and brighter, something we especially welcome in Winter. In busy family homes, who doesn’t crave more space.

White lets you tell your story

You can’t deny that white makes things stand out, it let’s your cherished items speak for themselves. There’s a lovely art gallery feel about white homes, which let you really contemplate the personality of the people who live there via the objects and wall hangings. There’s pressure there of course too, to make a great impression!

White gives you headspace

In a minimalist home white really comes into its own as a calm, reflective space. When our lives feel increasingly cluttered, white can bring us a greater sense of focus.

Do you agree or disagree? Have you used white in your home? Where and why?

One thought on “5 reasons why a white wall can work magic

  • Midlife Singlemum

    I have all white walls. True, I live in a hot country where this is normal but I so often get people asking me why I don’t paint a feature wall, or use a softer cream colour instead of white. I love it that in my bedroom a new set of sheets and a couple cushions can completely change the colour scheme of the room more cheaply and easily than repainting it. In the living room a new table cloth and a throw over the sofa does a similar job. Everything feels fresh and clean and airy with white walls.


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