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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Home Inspiration: 4 Ways to Incorporate Floral Trends in Your Home

Modern florals offer a fabulous array of possibilities for your home. Whether you look to French country homes, English Country cottages or further afield to jungles or hidden temples, there are so many ways to incorporate florals into your home. From classical and romantic to modern and minimalist, shabby chic and rustic and plenty in-between, floral trends can work for all kinds of homes.

Home Inspiration: 4 Stunning Floral Trends for 2017

Botanica wallpaper

Research expert Micheal Skaff made four predictions for the Flower Trends Forecast 2017, on behalf of the International Floral Distributors. Will these flower trends filter down to our homes?

Skaff suggests that as grey increasingly takes over our homes in a subdued and tricky age, florals have a stronger role to play in bringing nature in and creating homes that are sanctuaries.

Interestingly we’re all keen to be authentic in building our homes, and they are increasingly inspired by our travels and the souvenirs we collect. All four of these trends have strong bases in places around the world.

Have a look at the four trends he has identified and let us know what you think.

French Connection Floral Trend

Home Inspiration: 4 Stunning Floral Trends for 2017


The French Connection floral trend is all about small botanical prints, it mingles French country home style and chic Parisian design. Floral colours include soft reds with hints or orange and chocolate. I spy a French connection in the chair, noticeboard and duvet and clock above. Monochrome brings a whole new feel to this chair. Silver goblets, ornate candlesticks and would also compliment these sophisticated floral patterns.


Into the Jungle Floral Trend


Wild and warm jungle prints are still key, with vivid and exotic oranges, reds and greens mingling with flashes of tropical blue seas and parakeets. It’s a really fun look, especially for textiles, with cushions and lampshades creating mini jungle scenes. Bamboo and blue glass furniture and ornaments help to further set the scene, these florals can really make you feel like you are on holiday.


Force of Nature Floral Trend


Ocean blues meet natural greens as nature runs its own course through these almost accidental floral arrangements. Succulents mix with English cottage garden wildflower blues, as if they have been left to their own devices in someone’s garden. Lanterns, peacocks, urns and simple pottery provide character and interest. It’s a lovely cottage garden style with some modern twists. Very romantic, I can see this being a popular wedding trend and a home trend, as we really embrace bringing nature into our homes.


Modern Wonders Floral Trend


Bold and warm floral colours of anthuriums and sunflowers are offset by subdued blues and copper ornaments. This is a clean and sophisticated very modern look, but with echoes of the past through striking cultural artefacts. It’s a passionate and cosy theme which could work well in a bedroom or living space.


Are you a fan of florals? Do you like any of these trends for your home?


Image credits – illustrated with products from Wayfair

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