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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Stress Less: Create a Homework Station

Creating a Homework StationImage Credit: Shutterstock – Understairs Home Office

We would all like a magic tucked away homework area like this, how brilliant! Well, maybe we can’t all convert the space under the stairs, but there are defintely ways to approach homework that keep it more stress free.

If you are fighting homework battles, the last thing you want is for things to be in the wrong place when you have finally persuaded them to settle down to do some. You don’t have to build a dedicated area, especially when kids are still at primary school, but having a space for dedicated resources helps. We do homework at the kitchen table, it’s the easiest way to tackle things when kids are younger and need support.

A Homework Station or Area

I like to keep our homework things out of the way, so that I know they are always there when we need them, and the supply doesn’t get raided. I use jam jars and boxes to keep it all together in a tucked away cupboard. Out of sight means it is less likely to be raided. We also have a shelf for reference books that might come in handy. Over on Pinterest I’ve seen some fab ideas for a homework station. This could be a tray, a shelf or an area of a cupboard that is dedicated to the stuff they need to get the work done. It can easily be moved to the table whenever it is needed, and put away on a shelf or in a cupboard when it’s finished, ready for next time.

Homework station supplies

Creating a homework station or homework area

Jam jars and cutlery drawers are great for organising pens and pencils, desk files or folders are good for paper supplies, a tray to keep it all on, boxes for bits and pieces.

Glue stick, Scissors, Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Rubber, Handwriting Pens, Plain paper, Ruler, Calculator, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Reference Books, Felt tips, Colouring pencils, Highlighters, Maths equipment, Good lighting.

Homework Station Fun Additions

Stickers and stamps can help motivate, mainly little ones, but not always!

Snacks and hot chocolates always help in our house.

Mini whiteboards are a fun way to practice spellings. The magnetic ones that stick to the fridge are handy for this.

Post its are a fun way to spread facts and spellings around the house, especially good for visual learners and dyslexics who need to remember the shape of the word.

They might not be strictly necessary, but most kids love to play with hole punches, staplers, paperclips, cork boards and drawing pins.  Make it feel like their office and they are more likely to want to be there!

What does your family’s homework set up look like? Has it changed with time? Any tips?

2 thoughts on “Stress Less: Create a Homework Station

  • Midlife Singlemum

    I so need to do this. I just need to clear one shelf or cupboard near the dining room table for my daughter’s school books and homework supplies. At the moment she does her homework on this table but her drawer of school books is in her bedroom. This results in the books being left all over the dining/living room with some in the bedroom and everything being totally out of control. A friend bought one of those IKEA three tier trolleys with each tier being a box-like tray. As we live in apartments, it’s easy for her son to keep all his school books and supplies on the trolley and wheel it to and from his bedroom as necessary.

    • A Residence Post author

      Love the idea of a trolley. I wrote a post on bar trollies last week – might be some inspiration there – or relief from the stress of hw too 😉


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