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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Getting More Productive in 7 Easy Steps

If your goals this year involve getting more productive, here are some great little tips to help you kickstart a happier, more productive you!

Getting More Productive in 7 Easy Steps

Getting More Productive

Seven easy steps to follow which will lead to great leaps in your productivity:

Choose a Diary System

This is a bit like writing on the first page of an exercise book, don’t let it become a stumbling block. A new year is a great time for a new start, but try to decide how you are going to organise yourself – calendar, diary, phone and try to stick to it. Jumping ship to another system wastes a lot of time and energy, so by all means ask around for ideas but don’t worry too much what other people are doing and stick with what works for you (even if it isn’t a perfectly laid out bullet diary). No system is completely perfect, accept imperfection.

I always use a moleskine diary which has a page for the week and and page for my notes, it’s brilliant for my method of brain dumping tasks and then slotting them against days of the week. I still have to use my phone as an extra back up to remind me of birthdays, parties and events.

Set Goals

Setting goals is the cornerstone to be being more productive. When you have identified a goal, no matter how big or outlandish it may be, the secret is to write down a list or a brainstorm of the things you need to do in order to learn more about, or to achieve that goal. Next, number this list in the order you need to do the tasks and start noting these down as deadlines in your diary. So if you want to run more, task one might be to buy new trainers.

Brain dump

It’s so easy to let our heads become overwhelmed. Take time out to let all the thoughts and must dos in your head out on paper, it’s a great release and the perfect way to start to shape your days and weeks. Like goal setting, it’s great to do this somewhere where you won’t be disturbed, and can really let your mind release and problem solve. Sneak off to a cafe for 30 minutes of time with your notebook. Some people start each day with 5 minutes of this, it is very cathartic!

Have less tasks on your to do list

It’s easy to say this, but we always over estimate what we can achieve and then feel unproductive. Try making a list for the week, a brain dump. Next comes prioritising a little, what really must be done that day? What can wait? Also try and group little tasks into small bundles, so you feel a sense of achievement. If you need to make calls add numbers or any info you need to hand so the task seems easier when you come to it. You can always pick a task from next week’s if you finish ahead – people often surprise themselves when they put all these tips in place.

Urgent or Important?

We all have urgent and important things on our to do lists, chances are the important things constantly get bumped, so schedule them instead. Things like cleaning out clutter, DIY, working towards a goal and exercise. If you don’t schedule them, they will keep not happening. And if it’s not important, then lose it! Not urgent, note it down in your diary for future weeks.

Use an Egg Timer

A timer is great for when you don’t feel productive or motivated. Stick it on for 30 minutes and immediately you feel your work rate increase. Timers with a ticking sound are especially great for motivating you. Whether your goal is to make a meal from scratch, to exercise or to write a novel, a timer can be an amazing ally!


We all need to be rewarded for our productivity, so whether it is a nap, a walk, a cup of tea in the garden, a chat with friends or family – schedule some rewards into your day and see your productivity increase!

What is your top productivity tip? Are you planning on getting more productive this year?

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