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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Cheesy Easy Entertaining: 5 ways to appreciate cheese with friends

Today it’s all about cheesy, easy entertaining. Get some friends and family over and wow everyone by throwing together a brilliant sharing platter.


Do you have a favourite cheese? Cheese is one of the world’s most loved foods, there are over 2000 types of cheese and it’s a substance that brings out fierce loyalties. Cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus, and in moderate quantities can even help to protect tooth enamel. We do need to watch the saturated fat. These cheese based meals all combine with lots of other tasty ingredients, even a cheese board doesn’t have to just be about the cheese.

Cheese is also great for easy entertaining. Every home needs a good sharing platter and/or cheese board.

A Deli Platter

Entertaining people can feel stressful, but a quick trip to the deli and the right platter you’ve immediately got a really easy peasy and impressive looking plate of treats. I think there is something about the black plate here that immediately makes the food look so much more dramatic. Just a couple of more interesting items, figs in this case, makes for a really enticing platter. You could add some crackers and rustic breads to complete the picture.

Cheese Board

You can’t beat a simple cheeseboard, just four or five cheeses, something everyone will like, a blue cheese, a smelly French cheese, and a couple of random picks. Even better invite everyone to bring a cheese to add to the variety! Grapes and pears make a tasty side and some nuts and a nut cracker would be a simple and fun addition to this platter. The secret is in the crackers, there are so many amazing ones out there in delis, no need to stick to cream crackers – although there is always one who has to have them. For proper sharing we love the huge round wheels of cracker that split like naan breads. Don’t forget the chutney, or red onion marmalade…



You can’t beat a fondue for bringing people together, it’s cosy, fun and a lovely laid back entertaining idea.  Fondue is so easy to make and requires very little prep and cooking time. You can slice up/ prepare baguette, peppers, carrots and olives ahead of time. You can introduce forfeits for whoever drops their bread in.



Another great sharing platter, nachos are fab fun to dig into with friends. You can top them with the works or pick your favourites: chilli con carne (or con veggies), lashing of freshly mashed up guacamole, dollops of sour cream, zingy salsa and chillis if you can take them. It’s much better if you make your own guacamole and salsa and start with avocados and tomatoes at room temperature for maximum flavour. Cover the nachos with cheese and grill quickly to make a gooey, cripsy , melting plate of deliciousness. you can serve all the additions in bowls for people to help themselves to, or whack it all on one giant serving platter.



And if you are really stuck for time and energy, there is always take away pizza. Or various levels or homemade, or even the frying pan pizza.

have you got any more ideas for cheesy, easy entertaining? Do Share!

Image credit – Herzon Rodriguez, Brooke Larke, Yanko Peyankov via Unsplash and Shutterstock: Cheese Fondue Station, Cheese board

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