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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

How to clean a house fast

Cleaning the house can be a real pain, but if you take a logical approach and some tips from those who’ve done it professionally, you can clean a house fast, with a sense of achievement that won’t leave you dreading it anywhere near as much next time.


Preparing to clean a house fast

People who visualise the end result of cleaning and the impact it will have on them find cleaning much less stressful than those who struggle to do this. If you really struggle to find the motivation maybe a photo of your clean home on the fridge could help!

Start at the top of the house so that you bring down the stuff you don’t need. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you leave rooms tidy behind you and naturally encourages you to push things you don’t need out of the house instead of back upstairs.

Have boxes or bags handy, one for rubbish, one for recycling/charity and one for clutter that needs to go downstairs. The laundry basket works well for this.

Have a decent box for lugging cleaning stuff around the house, having the right kit and a means to move it quickly makes all the difference.


Cleaning a bedroom fast

Clear all the clutter from the room or straighten it, simply straightening cushions, magazines on tables and objects on shelves can make a huge difference.

Clean the windows if you have time, it makes a big difference! Water and newspaper or spray and kitchen roll is all you need. Or use a steam cleaner.

Make the bed, or change the sheets now if you are planning to, as this makes more dust.
Dust all the surfaces. Use a microfibre cloth to gather up as much dust as possible.  A long feather duster is perfect for picture frames, ceilings and mirrors.

Vacuum. Start at the corner furthest from the door and back yourself out of the room.
Move on taking anything that needs to be in other rooms of the house with you to distribute. Better still, have a box for each member of the family and get them to sort it.


Cleaning a bathroom fast

A chambermaid could do this in under 10 minutes, but as a homeowner somehow it can take so much longer. It really doesn’t need to!

Put toilet cleaner in toilets and leave it to work. If you can do this before you start the whole house.

Wipe cleaner over the sink, bath and tiles/shower surround and leave to work.

Tackle the toilet. Scrub the inside and then wipe the outside, tank and seat. Use a disposable cloth, or a cloth you’ve finished using in the kitchen, and throw away.

Wash down the sink, tiles/glass and bath and polish with a clean microfibre cloth.

Vacuum up hair and dust first, then mop the floor, working from back to door.


Cleaning a Living Room fast

Clear the clutter and plump the cushions.

Dust the surfaces from high to low, working yourself around the room.

Vacuum yourself out of the room dreaming about a sit down here later with a cup of tea!


Cleaning a Kitchen fast

Cream cleaner or other suitable cleaner on the over top and any sticky marks on surfaces.
Clean up the dishes and/or load the dishwasher.

Tidy up any clutter and put in a basket to be taken to other rooms in the house.

Clean all the surfaces, wipe down cupboards, fridge, oven, microwave. Leave the sink until last so you ave somewhere to rinse the cloth.

Vacuum or brush the floor and then mop from back to door.


Get the kettle on and congratulate yourself! Maybe even take a photo to look back on next time you can’t face cleaning.

Image credit – Dad and Daughter Cleaning, Shutterstock

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