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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Home, Craft, Play and Garden Inspiration from Camp Bestival

Home, Craft, Play and Garden Inspiration from Camp Bestival

We’re back from an amazing time at Camp Bestival! Today, I wanted to share some little inspirations for your home, garden and crafting fun, from the festival.  It’s such beautifully rich source of inspiration and I was snapping wildly so I would remember things to make and do.

For those who haven’t been or heard of Camp Bestival, it is the sister festival to Bestival, and is curated completely for families. The setting is stunning Lulworth Castle, Dorset, it’s a great site for a family festival, a beautiful castle and gardens and elevated with sandy soil which drains quickly, although the weather over the last five years has been sunny and dry, I’ve never ever seen those muddy scenes we’ve come to associate with other festivals.

I love that although there is always a gloriously retro music line up, there is also so much creative inspiration, my two always want to spend the whole time making things and I love joining them.

I loved staying in a bell tent, they are such light and airy homes from home. Hotel Bell Tent even provided love heart sweeties, eye masks and toiletries, rather like a real hotel.

Camp Bestival 2016 - 1 (1)

I loved the lanterns, low tables, futons and candelabras in the communal lounge, I am always looking for new treasures for our Moroccan themed living room.


I love these bunting and they would work so well in the garden, rather than the traditional point shape, they are made from scraps of vintage fabric tied to a rope. So simple even kids can do it, in fact that’s just one of many things kids were doing in the beautiful Spinney Hollow.

Camp Bestival 2016 - 2

These more colourful decorations were found in LIzzie’s Way, a wonderful shaded natural play area for kids, I will be adding to my post about things to play with in the garden that aren’t toys! Simply tie coloured ribbon and wool wrapped with a co-ordinating colour to long pieces of ribbon and string between the trees. What a wonderful way to transform the garden for a birthday party! I love the simplicity of the wig wams too, three dowels banged into the ground and covered with fabric.

Camp Bestival 2016 - 10

The mud kitchen and bamboo water run was a triumph too. Children find charity shop metal teapots and jugs so much more imagination inspiring than plastic kids sets!

Camp Bestival 2016 - 8

The old scales were a really popular play tool, and the four slices of tree stump make a natural hob! Ribbon bunting makes it all the more enticing and special.

Camp Bestival 2016 - 9

We loved making a dreamcatcher, it is so easy when you know how – I have a brilliant idea for a garden one I can’t wait to share!


Out of this world wraps

Camp Bestival is a huge foodie paradise, it even has a foodie line up, I loved this avocado and halloumi wrap, the wrap itself was beautifully spiced and the beetroot and carrot salad so juicy and well dressed that my two favourite foods – avocado and halloumi were elevated to something quite out of this world. I will be trying to replicate this level of wrap for months to come!

Camp Bestival 2016 - 6

My favourite wine

My favourite wine is a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, so I was really excited when Brancott Estates invited me to their wine tasting and to take a trip to their vineyard using virtual reality technology. They had four different sauvignons to taste and an expert on hand to guide us through. This is my favourite – it turns out even Sauvignons vary wildly – and you will be relieved to know it’s not the most expensive. I wish I could share a drop with you 😉

Camp Bestival 2016 - 1

Space Crafts!

The craft tent gave us some lovely ideas too. One artist had sketched a space scene onto lots of rolls of paper and kids were able to collage the design in using pieces of paper, painted paper and wallpaper. Look out for wallpaper with interesting textures and experiment with paint effects on the paper you are cutting up for your collage for out of this world results. Each section was then hung on the tent walls and the bigger space picture emerged. Doing this craft as a group is fun, I love how he starts with moody space blues and has flowery pink pants by the bottom of the roll!

The kids also made rockets, collect cardboard tubes and make templates for the fins and the point of the rocket. Use a black marker to draw windows, doors, metal panels, and logos. Use net and cotton wool for the fire at the base.

The whole family had such an inspiring time and this really is the tip of the iceberg in terms of inspiration we came away with. Early Bird tickets are on sale now, do check them out, it’s an absolute highlight in our family calendar.

Thanks to Camp Bestival for having us and Volvo for transporting us. There’s lots more to see in this video!


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