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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Creating a healthy space for a healthy mind

Creating a healthy space for a healthy mind

One of my favourite journeys on A Residence has been the quest to find out what makes a happy home, Elizabeth, who blogs at Rosalium, is one of the people who has inspired me to make self care a much bigger part of my home life. Today I’ve invited her to share her top tips on creating a healthy space, Elizabeth says these have been a game changer for her, I know they will benefit you too.

Most of us have probably heard of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, an art, science and belief system about arranging the objects in your home to encourage positive energies and thus bring good luck and fortune to the household. For thousands of years this practice in some forms has been carried out in homes throughout east Asia.

Whether you believe in the details of feng shui or not, there is something to be said about how the state of your home and living space can impact and influence your state of mind.

Five tips for creating a healthy space for a healthy mind 

What matters to you 

Rather than thinking about energies as prescribed by directions or shapes of objects, think about the kind of possessions you own that make you feel good. William Morris famously said “have only which you know to be either beautiful or useful”.

Are there any particular pieces of furniture or ornaments that give you energy? What do you enjoy looking at? What has sentimental meaning to you? What can you not imagine living without in your home? A happy home is one surrounded by the things that give you energy. Everything else is unnecessary clutter.

Minimalism vs Maximalism 

Figure out where you fall on the spectrum of STUFF. At one point I was all about surrounding myself with trinkets and interesting finds from vintage shops and car boot sales. I love objects with a story and history.

But these days I’m craving tranquil spaces with just a few choice homewares that matter or enhance the space with their usefulness. Since moving into our new place a year ago, I have worked to reduce my belongings for a space that feels easy on the eye and easy on the mind.

Colour and mood 

Creating a healthy space

Think about which colours give you energy. There are countless studies that point to colours impacting mood, and I’m sure if we think about it we will notice that we are drawn to certain colours more than others. You don’t have to pick your favourite colour to paint your walls. But rather consider the kind of moods and emotions you ideally want to feel in a particular room and which colours come to mind.

I chose to paint all of my walls white to help with the idea of creating a peaceful, tranquil space at home. Within those rooms I now decorate with furnitures and knick-knacks that give meaning to the moods I want for each individual space. For instance, my bedroom is white, grey and gold for restfulness. My living room however has an eclectic mix of bright colours in blankets, ornaments and paintings to help with a fun, sociable atmosphere.

Updates on the go 

As our homes are living, changing space it should move with us and the lives we lead. I recommend having at least six-monthly audit of your home to decide whether you’ve created a space that reflects how you feel. Often in times of stress or overload we will notice clutter builds up. By scheduling in regular updates we can declutter, re-home objects, and add to the space to help make it feel truly home for us.

Keep it fresh, keep it clean 

Creating a healthy space

Finally, the number one thing to create a healthy space for a healthy mind, is to keep it fresh and clean. Sure, I’m as much as fan of the marigolds as the next person (i.e. not very) but taking the time to give the place a good wipe around and tidy is the quickest way to feel good about myself. Although, surprising how easy this comes when a deadline is looming …

Taking care of our minds means taking care of the environment in which we spend the most time. For me, it’s been a game changer in improving my mental health.

Let me know what your top tips are for creating a happy healthy home for a healthy happy mind!

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