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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

House Fantasy: A Villa in Ibiza

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 4

You know when you stumble on that villa, the one with the jaw dropping views, the incredible terrace, a complete seaside retreat, the stuff of dreams?  When you know it is absolutely the perfect situation? I caught a glimpse of Villa Wu Wei over on Clickstay, and I knew it had to be my next ‘House Fantasy’.

This blog began many moons ago, on a sun lounger in Spain, so Spain will always have a place in my heart. Ibiza is also is somewhere I never went in my youth, but there is no reason not to go with kids, it’s more than a hedonistic clubber’s paradise…

After the tantalising glimpses through pink blooms of a secret shaded breakfast spot by the delicious blue sea, the all out panorama of the incredible deck completely floored me, look. All the possibilities immediately race through your head, I could absolutely live out here for a week!

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 12

A 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa that sleeps 9, Villa Wu Wei looks like an incredible space for entertaining, unsurprisingly, this villa always receives 5 star reviews, from both friend and family groups – you can see it working really well for both. Lots of places for multi generational groups to spread out without being under each other’s feet.  You can request an extra bed in the living room for children too. Design wise, it’s definitely one of those places that would have me wanting to knock down walls or create more deck when I came home.

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 8

I would love to go with my extended family, and enjoy mealtimes and BBQs together as the sunset. Space to catch up with our siblings and for the cousins to hang out together. Our stay in a villa in Malta last year was made absolutely perfect by the incredible views, views that truly nourished our souls.

I can also see this being a brilliant catch up for my 40th birthday, with my best friends from Uni days; spreading out across the terrace and into the garden as we catch up on each other’s lives – but that’s another story! There are so many people I would love to share the sunsets with.

You can watch videos on the sunset from this villa, there are nearly 50 photos and video clips on the site – it really had me drooling!

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 1

By moonlight it is utterly magical too, I can see us sat on sun loungers after a cocktail and mocktail making party, grown ups and adults snuggled together, the kid’s hair smelling of sea and sun, warm and relaxed from a day playing on the beach, watching the sunset from the terrace. I think at least one night we would have to try and sleep outdoors, the kids would love that adventure, even if we have to creep back indoors as the sun rises. Of course the next day would be a very lazy day after our big family sleep over!

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 2

I come from a family of foodies so this villa is my idea of heaven – buying local food from the market and cooking together, Flaó (cream tart made with fresh cheese, eggs and mint).
and Ensaïmadas (croissants filled with cream, chocolate, sweet pumpkin or simply dusted with icing sugar) are two local delicacies I would love to sample. I would also like to wash it down with some Herbs Ibicencas, an aniseed-based drink, flavoured with local herbs, served on the rocks and said to be good for the digestion.

This villa has so many places to create the perfect meal time. You can enjoy breakfast on the terrace or in the garden under a tree, enjoy lunch in the shade and an evening cocktail on a sun lounger. All with incredible views of the sea.

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 9

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 7

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 11

Although there isn’t a pool, there is a cool tub which provides another great place for families or friends to catch up. It really feels like a space that could allow you to truly relax and be, to escape and enjoy each other’s company. I think the kids and their cousins would have an amazing time splashing here before we head down to the beach.

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 10

From the terrace, you step down into the breathtakingly beautiful garden, at the bay of Cala san Vicente. Look at that lovely lazy hammock, if that isn’t the perfect situation, I don’t know what is! Villa Wu Wei feels like the kind of place where everyone could really switch off and unwind from the world, leave your problems behind, make some new plans and return refreshed and recharged. I could see the adults sharing the childcare and giving each other time alone to truly relax, or escaping out here for a sunrise, having the world all to myself before the rest of the family wakes. There is plenty of space for a yoga mat, it’s the perfect place for a mindful start to the day.

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 5

Ibiza Villa by Clickstay - 6

Location wise you are a 30km cab ride from Ibiza Town, away from the hustle and bustle of nightlife, but within reach should you fancy exploring the town. You could treat your holiday as a retreat and enjoy unwinding at the villa, or with a hire car the beauty and culture of Ibiza really opens up. I love the sound of the local hippy market for some shopping fun with the kids. There are plenty of restaurants locally too.

For a family holiday, although this seems like the perfect retreat, I would still be tempted to go out of main holiday season, perhaps in May or October, when Ibiza is cooler, quieter. There is so much culture I want to take in and so many beaches I would like to have all to ourselves! Es Vedrà with its legendary status as the home of the sirens that attempted to dash Odysseus’s ship on the rocks, sightings of UFOs and other folk tales sounds like the sort of place my kids would love.

See full details of the villa here, I haven’t even shown you inside, which I love for it’s traditional Spanish feel. Did you know that Clickstay have over 1,500 villas in Spain, including luxury villas in Ibiza, beach front villas in Marbella and boutique apartments in Barcelona?

3 thoughts on “House Fantasy: A Villa in Ibiza

  • MAXime CAUCI

    We rent this house for 15 days in July , before the rent we ask several questions to the manager , about the house conditions , and the suitability for children’s ….. he never answer to the questions ! only after we paid he start to contact me and send forms to fill in , but only few short answer about the property ….

    The house was not what you expect from the pictures …. very old inside, smell very bad humidity , even you can not use a bedroom because the smell was so strong …

    The bathroom was not clean properly , smell pis …..

    The house haven’t air conditioning , and is extremely hot inside , there are 2 de-humidificator machine but very old and not working , a very noisy water pump is installed just outside of one bedroom , impossible to sleep in the night !!

    The house is not good for children , a lot of dangers ….. the manager told me is absolutely safe for children’s …. false !

    The kitchen is dated , and the equipment’s is in very bad conditions , internet is 3G very poor , and not working outside of the house , and not working permanently, but you have to call the manager for restart the system …..

    The manager abuse of your telephone number and send 1000 of messages , very disturbing ! the manager try at the end to keep money from the deposit , find out very small and tiny damage which you not realize when you arrive at the house ….

    Do not rent this house ! is rubbish !


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