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Get Inspired: Using Garden Mirrors

Using Garden Mirrors - tips and inspirations

We talk a lot about bringing the outdoors in, but now it is meant to be getting warmer – although the wind is howling outside and I am typing in my biggest jumper with the heating back on – I want to talk about bringing the indoors out. Wandering past a flower shop in Madrid last weekend I was really taken with the gorgeous display of flowers along mirror lined shelves and it got me thinking about how to use garden mirrors.

I love these shutter style mirrors (above); the display is so playful and tells a story. I really love the idea that my garden could have some little story corners. Mirrors are such a fun way to create a garden drama.

This picture of an outdoor bathroom really made me smile, I might not go as far as installing the sink, but how gorgeous does the mirror look in this setting? Seeing something unexpected like this in an outdoor setting never fails to make me smile and look again, and that’s a great feeling to bring to a garden I think.


Driftwood mirror frames blend in with the outdoors beautifully. You don’t have to use outdoor mirrors, indoor ones can work brilliantly too, you might need to varnish or shelter them though. If you are upgrading a mirror indoors, why not rehome it outdoors, or pick up cheap mirrors at car boots or second hand shops?

Using Garden Mirrors - tips and inspirations

Romantic Garden MirrorSink in ForestDriftwood Mirror on Shutterstock

It doesn’t have to be a mirror, reflective surfaces can be lots of fun too.

Using Garden Mirrors - tips and inspirationsKapa65 on Pixabay.

There are so many styles of mirror, they can be used to create a theme – I like the idea of this goddess amongst the ivy.

Using Garden Mirrors - tips and inspirationsindy_bbw0 on Pixabay.


Mirrors are brilliant for creating a sense of greater space or an illusion, or for highlighting features in a garden. If like me you are fascinated by the possibilities of using a garden mirror, well you might like these tips and ideas to get you started:


Choose what to reflect


You need to decide where to place a mirror, but you also need to think about placement in terms of what the mirror will reflect. Place the mirror where it will reflect something interesting – for example this gothic mirror reflects lots of colourful blooms – rather than the compost heap or shed, unless of course, you have a really pretty shed. You can cheat a little if you need to and slightly angle the mirror by placing something behind it, to obtain the best view. Also…


Don’t reflect yourself


Garden Mirrors

The secret to maintaining the illusion of a mirror being a window or walkway is to place the mirror to the side of a path, where you won’t see your own reflection until the last minute. This garden mirror with a lattice screen also helps to disguise the mirror until you get closer, a great way to shelter off the compost heap.


Surround the mirror edges



Surrounding the mirror edges with plants or fitting a mirror into a natural archway creates a stronger illusion, so instead of shouting out ‘I’m a mirror’, the mirror looks like a window or walkway into another section of garden. A gothic garden mirror covered with ivy can add a whole new feel to a forgotten corner or wall.


Create an extra window



A mirror designed to look like a window is so quick and easy to place like this Tudor square window, and doesn’t need lots of plants surrounding it, although you could add a window box underneath a window frame style mirror to create an even more convincing illusion. A fun way to quickly soften or break up a big brick wall or rejuvenate an old window that has been bricked in.

Shutter windows like this Louvre Mirror are another lovely way to add a rustic Mediterranean feel to your garden.


Using Garden Mirrors - tips and inspirations


Add Perspective




A perspective garden mirror features lead tracing which is designed to create an optical illusion of depth and distance.


Be safe

Don’t place the mirror in direct sunlight, as it could potentially start a fire in very hot weather.

Although they aren’t as true as glass mirrors, acrylic and plastic mirrors might be safer where small children or ball games are a big part of garden life.


I have loads of ideas after researching this I want to try. Do you have mirrors in your garden? Would you?

One thought on “Get Inspired: Using Garden Mirrors

  • Over a cuppa

    Yes I do how strange again. Out for a dog walk tonight I was just talking about the love of little quirky bits in the garden, but sort of hidden like little surprises. We have a old convex mirror that my brother gave me when I was in my twenties. We just are doing stuff to the garden now so the mirror needs to find a new home! xxx


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