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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Icelandic Home Style #happyandhome

I still haven’t been in my own home for much more than a couple of days in the last week. So this week Happy and Home comes from Iceland where I have been lucky enough to participate in a gourmet food press trip to Hotel Ranga and meet old friends who live here.

I met two Icelandic girls in 1997 when I worked as a chambermaid at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, and have kept in touch and remained friends all these years – it was wonderful to see how our lives had moved on in nearly 20 years, and I’m still fascinated by tourism and hotel life! This was my third trip to Iceland, knowing someone in a country makes you feel at home so quickly. Icelandic people are incredible, warm and welcoming and incredibly good fun. They know how to tell great stories and are really knowledgeable about their country.

So Iceland always feels like a kind of coming home to me. The colourful corrugated iron cladding you can see pictured above, at an Ice Cream farm we visited, always conjures Iceland to me.

We drove through the landscape, newly awoken from a dark, cold winter and each time it appeared, the sun made the land truly come alive.

I took this picture of a little summerhouse, I love the red roof against the blue sky, nestled beneath the mountains. I can see why Iceland has become such a popular tourist attraction, we all want to unplug and escape.

Inside, Icelandic homes are often open plan, and bring the outside in with wooden floors. We noticed the difference as soon as we arrived at the airport, light wood, modern flowing lines, pops of bright colour and pictures of nature made the space feel quite unlike any airport I have set foot in. This photo below, taken at the cafe of boutique hostel Heraddskolinn, in an old school, captures that feeling.

The fairy lights are important too, while walking through the site of the ancient Viking parliament, I asked our guide from Midgard Adventure Tours how Icelanders keep cheerful in the winter, going for walks and lots of lights or fairy lights at home were on his list.

Crime is low in Iceland, the population is small, c300,000 and so the sense of community responsibilty is high, doors are left open for family and friends to come and go.

Tantaslising glimpses of the outside, framed by pretty window displays are a feature I saw lots. Windows felt like picture frames. At Hotel Ranga the dining room has large glass windows which give 180 degree views of the stunningly wild landscape. Here are my waffles and a tantalising view of the hot tubs.

Icelandic food is incredible, with a real focus on organic, sustainable, local and high quality ingredients. I loved eating at the cafe in Fridheimar, a tomato greenhouse fuelled by geothermal energy, or hot springs. For a country that is dark and cold so much of the year, growing tomatoes is a unique challenge. The tomato soup was incredible, soup and home made bread is exactly what you need on a cold day. I also loved cinnamon bread and cheese, and spicy ginger and vegetable soup made by my Icelandic friends.

Hot tubs are the norm in family homes, houses are just built with them, a wonderful sociable way to get fresh air and be warm but outdoors. We really enjoyed the hot tubs, in their wild setting at Hotel Ranga. Being at home in nature is a consistent theme here in Iceland.

It has been a wonderful weekend, I’ve learnt so much more about Iceland this trip. I know this is only a small part of what makes Icelandic homes happy, I can’t wait to share more, especially about Hotel Ranga, the food and the sights over on A Mummy Too‘s blog.


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