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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

15 Things to Do in the Garden

15 great garden projects, make a scarecrow, make the garden bird friendly, make a miniature garden, plant a wildflower patch, plant sunflowers, make a herb garden, weed, prune, clean up garden furniture, upcycle metal chairs, pot houseplants, lots of lovely inspiration!


It is National Garden Week so lots of garden loving bloggers have teamed up to share great ideas for things to do in the garden.

15 Things to do in the Garden

Miniature Gardens

Making a miniature garden or fairy garden in a plant pot

Stone paths, stick wig wams, washing lines with string and fabric cut outs, shell bird baths, lollipop stick fences or sheds, small containers made into ponds, little veg patches, alpine plants, miniature gardens can be as complicated or as simple as you like.

Once you start it is hard to stop and children don’t need many bits and pieces before they are flying with their own ideas and themes. Favourite little toys can be a great starting point. Trays, flower pots make great places for them, and they can really brighten up a disused pot.



Great Garden Projects

Scarecrows are great fun to make and there are so many ways to theme your scarecrow too! The full insructions can be found here.


Plant Wild Flowers

Great Garden Projects

So easy to grow and a quick blast of colour and coverage for untidy corners of the garden. One year we filled an untidy and unloved bed at the end of the garden. This year we want to grow them all the way round the sunken trampoline. I have lots more ideas for lazy or time poor gardeners here.


More Things to Do In The Garden:

My fellow garden loving bloggers came up with these great ideas, do check their blogs out for lots more garden inspiration:

Cathy from Wishful Wonderings has been looking for inspiration and creating a herb box for her small garden.

Catherine from Growing Family has three great family gardening projects, she has been sowing a mini wildflower meadow, growing vegetables in containers and making new plants for free.
Becky has 3 lovely garden projects to share, a secret garden, making a herb planter and flower pressing.

Over at Fresh Design Blog, Rachel has three fresh garden ideas: making your garden bird-friendly, planting sunflower seeds and essential spring weeding and pruning jobs to do now.

Stephanie at Life at 139a has two great garden posts: giving your garden furniture a scrub and revamp can work wonders as well as tips on how to repot your houseplants.


What have you been up to in the garden?


Picture credit  – Shutterstock: Young Girl Helping to make a fairy garden

7 thoughts on “15 Things to Do in the Garden

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  • Cathy Glynn

    I love the idea of a miniature garden, this is something Grace will love to do and I have plenty surplus planters. The scarecrow is amazing, you are so creative, I would have never thought to make one of these, I may try and attempt to make a miniature one with Grace to go in her garden. Wild flowers are a must in any garden, they attract so much wildlife. Thank you for sharing your ideas they are fabulous x

  • Catherine Hughes

    Fab ideas. We’ve planted wildflowers in pots this year and the kids are desperate for the seedlings to appear, we’ll definitely be having a go at fairy gardens too, such a lovely creative activity. And I need the kids to make a scarecrow for our allotment to keep the pigeons away from our broccoli!

    • A Residence Post author

      Must plant ours this week, lazy couple of days at home at last! Hope the broccoli makes it Catherine 🙂


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