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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Fall in love with your home again: 3 happy things #happyandhome

Happy and Home with egg and soldiers


This week, in ‘gratitude diary style’ I am thinking of 3 happy things I am grateful for at home. It might be a format that sticks, so if it inspires you, I would love to see your 3 things post, or, if time is tight, why not share just a snap of one thing that’s made you happy at home or maybe you already have a post full of what’s made you happy and home lately you could link up?

Since starting to write about what makes me ‘happy and home’ each week, and inviting others to link up their posts, I’ve noticed a change in myself. Writing a blog about homes often means I am surrounded by hundreds of images of perfect homes, this can be exhausting, and if I am honest it was starting to impact negatively on how I viewed my perfectly lovely, warm and happy home. This linky has made me realise that what truly makes me, and others, ‘happy at home’ can be something quite different to the images of perfect homes we are force fed.

I promise you, sharing your happy and home makes a real difference to how you feel.

3 happy things at home last week

  1. Eggs and Soldiers

Happy and Home with egg and soldiers


For some reason the last two Mondays have started with eggs and soldiers, with an occasional side of admin – parking ticket that must be appealed. There is something so special about this little ritual. Yes it means getting  up a little earlier, but Monday sometimes just needs a bit of get up and go to get off to a good start, rather than lying in bed thinking about the prospect. Yellow yolks make me feel smiley and having all four of us sat down together, even just for five minutes makes me feel like the day is going to be a good one


2. Blooms

Happy and Home with egg and soldiers


My family bought my some gorgeous ones for Mother’s Day, despite me protesting that I didn’t want gifts, I just wanted to spend a day finishing the decluttering we started at Christmas, and enjoy some good food, which we also did. But the lone daffodil my daughter picked me while we were out for a run as a family – see next pic –  that is something quite magical. There is nothing more special than a flower picked just for you. I really want to grow more flowers in the garden this year, this is a reminder to myself to do it!


3. Gardening and Cake

Happy and Home with egg and soldiers


We spent Mother’s Day out in the garden, my Dad leading the way, the kids happily playing and bouncing on the trampoline our garden designer friend Pip sank for us last summer when she redesigned our garden.

Tackling the garden is the most wonderful way to unwind. I felt such an immense sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. The best reward for a day of gardening has to be a slice of tea and cake, the lovely people at Cooperative food have been spoiling me again. This Victoria Sponge was almost as good as the one L baked a couple of weeks ago, she makes an amazing sponge, but I did prefer the jam filling to the buttercream she always insists on. We all want some glitter for our next baking adventure too, the roses glistened beautifully.


Look after the little things and…

Appreciating the little things seems to have given way to bigger things too, the shed appeared flat pack this week and will be put up on Sunday. My office makeover plans, including magnetic wall, are suddenly taking off. And I could have cried tears of joy on Saturday, Mr A got both kids to clear and hoover their rooms and even cleared out the cupboard on the landing and made two trips to the tip. I feel like we are winning at home.

It’s not easy keeping on top of anything with small children and difficult life events, so it is so important be kind to yourself, but on the flip side, time organising your space is the best gift to yourself.

Of course all that really matters is a roof over our heads and happy times with loved ones. I remind myself of that daily whenever I am faced with images of ‘perfect’ homes.


3 happy and home moments from last week

Happy and Home 5 - professional declutter, scrabble art, yellow doors, walnut cookies and lots more!

Ellie linked up this gorgeous scrabble art project, which would be a beautiful addition to any home.

De Tout Coeur Limonsin‘s Walnut biscuits made me want to bake straight away.

Becky expereinced a professional declutter on two areas of her home, the results were very impressive.


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6 thoughts on “Fall in love with your home again: 3 happy things #happyandhome

  • Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    I’m in desperate need of inspiration to make my living room a happy one. You know when you’re just not at ease in a room but you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what’s wrong? I have that with it. Hopefully, you can cast your expert eye over the post and spot something that I’m missing xxx

    • A Residence Post author

      I have that in most rooms, but that’s generally because of another random pile of clutter made by me or the kids. I love your living room and I think it is gorgeous already xx

  • JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Thanks for hosting and I got one of those pretty Mother’s Day cakes too – wasn’t it lovely looking? I love your egg and soldiers Monday ritual – it’s nice to have an anchor like this to the week.

  • Amanda Masters

    Oh I love these 3 things, dippy eggs are the best! And flowers, gardening and cake make for a pretty perfect day.
    It’s so easy to get caught up in the “perfect” homes of others, but I guess like me, they hide the bits they don’t want to share, because no one needs to see that, not even me, and I live here!
    I might follow your ‘3 things’ idea, love the idea of appreciating my home once again, scribbled on walls and all!

  • A Residence Post author

    Oooh next week I might include scribbled on walls, you are inspiring me now. Such a gorgeous post Amanda


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