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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Magically Magnetic Office Wall – Part 1

Office Inspiration

You would be forgiven for thinking this is my office, in reality I am a much messier creative, who can’t cope with minimalism. My office is much ‘busier’ than this. Today my arm has been forced twisted and I am going to have to show you the real office, because the lovely people at British Gypsum asked me if I would like to revamp a room in my house using Thistle Magnetic Plaster by British Gypsum’s Rooms Made For You Range, and we all know seeing the before is part of the process. You will see why a magnetic office wall sprang to mind for this makeover, although in my defence, one of the joys of working from home is not having to suffer a clear desk policy…

Magnetic plaster sounds fantastic, quite simply it lets you create a magnetic wall in your home which you can stick magnets to. As you can imagine the possibilities are endless, and then some! I’ve been gathering inspiration for my office wall from British Gypsum’s inspiration gallery.  I love the chalkboard look, I love the zoned areas created by paint, I love that you can attach magnetic strips to your picture frames and create galleries without nails.

A magnetic office wall feels like a great way to keep on track of everything – I always mean to create a great office noticeboard/mounted clipboard system, but then it is so hard to predict what you need where until you have experimented and have nails in the wall in the wrong place, which is why I love the idea of magnets.

Magnetic Plaster Office Wall Ideas

My Office Before

My office is a box room 2mx 3.43m. When I claimed this room as my office I quickly threw up some leftover wallpaper in an attempt to make it more homely. But I never got round to changing the awful red carpet, so it’s a weird ‘1980s red, black and grey meets loads of butterflies’ mess.

Before - office makeover project with British Gypsum

It is at the back of the house, overlooking the garden, but being an extension to our Victorian semi, the windows had to be quite high up. Still it is a light, bright room. With no blinds or lampshades currently, because I got tired of my son’s old Noah’s Ark ones.

Before - office makeover project with British Gypsum

In my defence, I had a huge declutter after I took this photo and the current storage is an eyesore, it was plonked in the room with no real thought. Mr A is a game designer and great at playing tetris in his head with room layouts, he tells me I should move that long bookcase behind the door, but we keep forgetting to.  Working around a young family has kept me so busy that it only now that I feel I am coming up for air enough to tackle this room.

Before - office makeover project with British Gypsum

The Office Plan

Working freelance has worked out brilliantly for me and now is a great time to invest in making my workspace a really creative one. I am so excited about my plans for this room, I have been busy asking my interior blogging friends for advice, some of whom happen to be interior designers too. Karen at Making Spaces is one such multi talented person and she has already got me looking at scaffolding for my new desk, and more importantly drawing a floor plan. She is also planning her own British Gypsum makeover, so check her ideas out too.

Let me share the plan!

So, just imagine the magnetic wall is the wall where my desk is currently. Instead of my current desk which doesn’t work for me, it’s too deep, I want a very long worktop style desk under the window on the left side. The bookcases will be against the back wall tucked out of sight. The long cube bookcase will flip and be vertical, instead of horizontal.

Before - office makeover project with British Gypsum

The Office Style

Office Inspiration


I have been looking at quite an industrial style, but also I want it to feel individual and to reflect me and what makes me feel creative, so it doesn’t end up looking too minimal or too Pinteresty! I’m confident my printer’s block, antique tins, old postcard collection and nick nacks will help with that.


The Magnetic Office Wall

The wall will keep me organised and inspired. I love the idea of having one go to wall dedicated to inspiration and organisation.

I am always trying to find a good place in the house to record vlogs, so I think the magnetic wall will be a fab changeable backdrop for that.

The Scaffold Desk

I really want a longer, thinner desk which will be long enough for the kids to join me or me to spread out things I am crafting or photographing.  I’m exploring the idea of using scaffolding planks, hence the shape of the end you see in the plan above. Karen spotted some amazing ones on Etsy for me, check these out! All I need to work out is if I could make the worktop higher and sit comfortably enough on a higher bar stool style chair and enjoy the views over Nottingham from my desk!

Scaffold Desk by Etsy Seller 101 Furniture



The flooring will be Church Pine, By Harvey Maria. Much calmer and easier to move an office chair about on!

Church Pine flooring by Harvey Maria

Max the greyhound loves the red thick carpet, I actually think he will find the Church Pine really warm too as it is vinyl – can you believe it? I am going to have to find him a rug though as he spends most days asleep on the floor next to me.


Lighting, Blinds and a Mirror

My office is next to the bathroom, so it is also where I dry my hair and put on make up, so I am looking for a great mirror to hang on the wall opposite the magnetic wall, which should also reflect more light back into the room and make the darker end of the room feel brighter.

The West facing room needs blinds as it gets the evening sun, and gets chilly in Winter.

I need a light fitting and instead of the ugly angle poise I never use, I would like a table lamp to bring a feeling of warmth.

I’ve been making an office ideas board at Wayfair too.

Ideas from Wayfair for the Office Makeover



I have some grey left over from making over the kids rooms which I am drawn to using. It works well with pops of bright colour. And as you can see from the above, I’m a little obsessed with yellow.


I will be working with British Gypsum on this magnetic office wall over three blog posts, in the meantime, there is lots more information on magnetic walls here. I will be back to show you how the plastering goes in part two.

i won’t lie, this is a bigger project than I first imagined. I am excited but also slightly nervous about pulling off all the different elements in a very short time frame. But I am enjoying the problem solving element. Any ideas send the my way quickly – one of the brilliant things about the internet is having access to other people’s brilliant ideas!

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