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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A splash of happy colours #HappyAndHome

Happy and Home Week Two


Thank you so much to all of you lovely people who are joining in with Happy And Home, I’ve loved finding other people’s posts to share and picked up some lovely inspiration for our home too. Spring is in the air, and with it dashes of happy colours. I have lots more happy home inspiration, and info on joining the linky below. Do come and join this lovely community of happy home enthusiasts.

One of my goals this year is to make our home a happier place, I realised setting goals around banishing clutter didn’t inspire me, because of the negative focus, so instead I want to ‘make more room for the happy stuff in our home‘. So of course that means clearing out some of the stuff that doesn’t work, but it also means making more room to put happier things on the walls, and more room to do the things that make us happy as a family.


Last week’s happy and home picks



When I saw Rachel’s Happy DIY Wall Hanging post I immediately felt inspired, so much so that it leads neatly into my own Happy and Home this week.

I also loved seeing Cass’ daffodils last week, in her post on making your home feel snug and cosy, Cass always has frugal ways to make life at home more fantastic. I saw a few daffodils in Wales last week and arrived home to glorious daffodils which had popped up to welcome us home outside our house. Spring colours make me happy.

Becky’s chickpea stew was also full of spring colour and vitality and a great way to love your leftovers, and I was very taken by the golden eggs on Cathy’s chocolate quadruple cake.


My ‘Happy And Home’ this week

Seaside Cottage


Our week in Wales for half term was a wonderful one, our Sykes Cottages place was full of inspiring home ideas. I loved the sea view and most days we wandered the five minutes down to the local beach to collect driftwood, past this amazing garden. The Cardigan Bay coastline is rocky, with dramatic sandy beaches here and there, and the driftwood that washed up was particularly exciting.

My son had all sorts of brilliant ideas for what to do with his beachcombing treasures, after much hammering last night his bedroom now has a hammock for his teddies from an old fishing net and an installation artwork entitled ‘sea monster’ made from driftwood and net. Our creativity came together in the garden of the cottage, over a cup of tea and a Welsh cake.


Crafting with Driftwood


My daughter and I created wall hangings with old nets, shells and driftwood – these are for the porch, which I have big plans to make look more like a beach hut.

Now you will see now how Rachel inspired me, I have all the pieces of driftwood to spell out Happy And Home. I just need a board to glue gun them too, I think a long plank would do it, and maybe then it can go above the door in our porch? I love the idea of turning beach finds into something you can treasure. The green and yellow make me think of spring, sailing boats and beach huts.


happy and home driftwood sign


Staying by the sea, in someone else’s home, made me realise how much feeling happy and home for me is about being somewhere filled with objects that are full of character and stories – I loved the basket of driftwood in the bathroom, each told it’s own story, Dad worked out what household object this once belonged to, can you?




I also loved the old photos of the local area, the arty photo of the local chippy, the Welsh cook books and classic books and DVDs, but also the space. There was just enough stuff to make me feel settled, and at home, but enough space to relax and really switch off.  It’s a delicate balance making a happy home I think. Come back and see more pics of the house on Wednesday. I’ve also come home so inspired to clear more space for happy things!


Written a post full of home love? Join up with #happyandhome

#happyandhome is for anyone, it’s not about one style, it’s about one love, for all our home lives.

Happy and Home is the place to link up and inspire others with whatever has made you happy at home each week. From curling up with a new book, to a new recipe, to painting the walls, a home makeover, hygge-ing the living room, to a craft project, a movie night with the kids, an organisation trick, to a date night cocktail or garden battles won. Happy and Home is about sharing the love of being at home, and making a happy home. There is no weekly theme, it opens on Mondays at 7am.

It could be as simple as a picture of one thing that has made you happy at home this week, or maybe you have lots of photos and a whole post full of home love.

#happyandhome is open from Monday ’til Sunday.

  1. To join in, just pick a recent post that shares your love of life at home, click on the blue button to add your post link.
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  4. Use the hashtag #happyandhome on Instagram and Twitter and tweet me @pennyalexander_ if you spot a post you think should be featured next week.

I will share some of the posts that inspired happy homes the following week.

Let’s get happy and home!




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