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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

House Fantasy: War and Peace Interiors


War and Peace BBC - Photographer: Mitch Jenkins

BBC – Photographer: Mitch Jenkins

Time for another House Fantasy, let’s play War and Peace interiors. Have you read War and Peace? I haven’t, but that’s okay, because I read that some of the BBC cast hadn’t read it beforehand either. Have you been watching it though?

War and Peace is full to the brim with plush, brooding velvets, whimsical dashings of lace and opulent gold tassels, luxurious interiors are on the way to be the next trend to take the world by storm. What do you think?

I wasn’t sure at first, I’m definitely not talking a whole house or a whole room makeover, but the costume colours really appeal for starters: greys, reds and dusky purples. There are some of the elements of the Pantone Colours of the Year that I found myself strangely hankering after. But there is enough colour drama to stop that being too wishy washy.


War & Peace 1


I asked Wayfair.co.uk’s Resident Style Expert, Nadia McCowan Hill, to share her tips on getting the look at home.

“With its rich tones and intricate details, Imperial Russian inspired décor is one of the most coveted looks that helps to bring a sense of luxury and opulence to a room.  It’s super easy to transform a bedroom into a boudoir or give a room a decadent makeover with a few simple finishing touches in the right tones and textures.”

Firstly, I would suggest adding velvet cushions to a room. They look so decadent and are a great way to add some drama.  Choose colours such as forest greens, regal purples and military reds, which are all great shades to start with.  Pair with tones that are steely grey or charcoal as they echo war-torn land of Russia and offset the richer tones brilliantly.  

No Imperial look is complete without some gilt and jewels – add a vintage framed gilded mirror as large as the room can carry off along with crystal ornaments to echo the family jewels and heirlooms of the aristocratic families.

Alternatively, to opt for a more peaceful look and nod to the trend subtly, try tasseled curtain drawbacks, dressers with crystal knobs and ornate jewellery boxes or candle stick holders.’


War & Peace 2


From Nadia’s selection, I am lusting after the copper candelabra, I’ve always fancied a chaise long, the bureau would beat the work blues and that chandelier is simply fabulous. I also think redressing my antique dressing table with some new jewellery boxes and candle stick holders would be amazing.

You can view all of these products via my War and Peace ideas board on the Wayfair site.

What caught your eye?

House Fantasy - War and Peace Interiors



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