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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

My Happy Room: #MyHomeRocks Leafy Cheshire



I am really pleased to be able to share a home from my home shire, Cheshire today, in fact I am typing this from lovely leafy Cheshire, as I am visiting my Dad this week. I know today’s guest blogger really enjoyed looking at their home in a new light to take the pictures for this, and that is really what My Home Rocks is all about.

It was a gorgeous sunny day when our guest took these pics, and the sun and love really flood into this house. All homes rock in their own ways, but sometimes we are so busy looking at pictures in magazines, that we forget to love what we already have in our own homes. This really is a happy room.




This is my home in beautiful leafy Cheshire. Its a beautiful 1950’s semi in the suburbs. We moved in 18 months ago and we love it hear. Bear has settled in to preschool and we have just found out we have a school place jus around the corner. Were very lucky to live where we do, it has close links to major cities like Stoke on Trent and Crewe but its close enough to the likes of Wilmslow and Knutsford with both just a 20 minute car journey away.

When Penny and Wayfair asked me to show off my favourite room the choice was easy. The one room I love in our home is our back room / dinning room / play room. It has so much light in it, which streams through the doors and the little windows above , this is my happy room that has already brought so many memories, all good ones.




I love how bear can just get out his toys and plays for hours. I love our table and chairs it was from Henry’s late father’s house, so it means a lot to Henry. You can find something similar here at Wayfair.




Bear loves this corner as its where all his toys are kept he also loves looking up at the photos.

The one thing missing from this corner is a clock it drives me crazy I think something like this clock from Wayfair would go very well.




This is our view from the back room doors. Eventually we want to get rid of the rockery and get a summer house but I guess for now that’s a dream. We love sitting and watching bear playing in his play house and slide. It’s such a nice room , especially in summer when we have BBQs.

Once the play toys have gone we would love something like this bistro set to fill the space.




We love having the doors open in to the main lounge, when it’s sunny it completely changes the light in both rooms at different times of the day. I love sitting on this sofa it was a freebie from my sister when we lived in our old house. I can curl up on this sofa like a cat whose got the cream, for hours on end , it’s also my favourite place to blog or spend hours on social media. I would love a new sofa and i would go for something like this sofa. I love 1950’s style and think it would go very well.




Here are the sky lights that let so much beautiful light in, its an extension to our beautiful home which also makes our kitchen so much bigger.



I love the way this kitchen space has zoned areas for relaxing, dining and play, how the light floods in, and how the garden becomes an extension of the space.

Emma lives, as you now know, in leafy Cheshire, with her husband and son. She blogs at The Cheshire Wife, and you can find her on Twitter and Facebook. Do say hello and let her know you have been snooping round!


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