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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Through The Keyhole – How to Excel at an Eclectic Home


I am so excited about today’s eclectic home, it just has so many lovely treasures, and really shows that by collecting the things you love, that truly speak to you, and by arranging them with care, you can make your home truly come alive.

I love the way colour is used, the eclectic mix of objects and the playful sense of humour in this home. White walls makes the objects truly come alive and pop, like exhibits in an art gallery.


An Emotional Magpie…

It’d be fair to say my taste is a bit eclectic and wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking. I get that, I like to collect things that make me smile or inspire me, I’m an emotional magpie picking up mostly weird and some wonderful trinkets and bits and bobs. I don’t like things to match, so I just cross my fingers really hard and hope that it all works together. Somehow. Maybe.


In my living room the huge map is a Christmas present I bought for my other half a few years ago – It’s all fictional and made completely of film titles as places. Very, very dead flowers I just can’t part with. Some postcards I fell in love with on Etsy. An origami ceramic bowl. Glittery Jesus and Mary that I unashamedly love. And erm. Cuthbert. The taxidermy chick. And Harold on the wall. (All ethical and very above board, don’t worry guv).


You’re telling me it ISN’T normal to have a Mexican inspired shrine in your living room…?



Moving on… My writing corner is a little calmer. These prints are by a gorgeous Twitter friend (Anna from Goldlion) and as soon as I saw them on her feed, I felt like they were made for me and HAD to have them.


My kitchen’s fairly normal. Ish. So I rebelled and attacked this wall with all manner of junk. Sorry wall.


I like to think the reason I’m so unorganised is because my son regularly graffitis all over my weeky-planner thingy. More postcards. More stickers. More stuff I just can’t get rid of.

Speaking of which, my son’s room isn’t safe from the random. His room is full of vintage Fisher Price toys I bought on eBay when he was a baby, things we’ve made together (the dreamcatcher) and an assortment of keepsakes – the panda moneybox was mine as a child. A knitted snake that my mum made from one of his favourite books and the obligatory menagerie of stuffed animals.


The Boba Fett alarm clock was a last ditch attempt to get him to stay in bed past 5.30am. Doesn’t work a jot but he looks cool. Small mercies.


And lastly, our bedroom. This is my bedside table. Lots of books. My treasured knitted unicorn made by my bestest pal. A Wonder Woman – because I can dream. And an adorable print by Fritha (Tigerlilly Quinn).


That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed looking through my slightly wayward home.

Are you ready to go Through The Keyhole and find out more?

*puts on best Loyd Grossman voice* Who would live in a house like this? Let’s go through the keyhole …JUST CLICK THE KEYHOLE IMAGE TO BE TAKEN TO THE OWNER’S BLOG!


Love it! If you love this eclectic home I think you might like the Ian Snow range at WayfairUK, including the Mexican Day of the Dead cushions.

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