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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Through The Keyhole: Talking of Sparkle!

Today’s Through the Keyhole promised me some Christmas sparkle, turns out she is in fact the year round, Queen of Sparkle. I should have known, her wit and way with words sparkles on her blog too, I do hope you will click the keyhole icon when you have read the post, and drop by!

Talking of Sparkle


Warm and twinkly living room

This room kind of sums me up. It is definitely my room. I chose the colours, the twinklyness of the lights (and yes, it still is twinkly even once the Christmas tree comes down) and the statement wallpaper. My husband came home and stared. It is pink. But it’s pink in a really good way.

This is such a dark room. When we bought this house it didn’t come with natural light, and that’s the one thing I don’t like about it. But it’s such a good house for a family, that we had to have it. This is our room – no toys come in here, and we don’t often use it during the day. It’s our evening retreat, and I wanted it to feel warm and cosy. So instead of trying to brighten a dark room, I warmed it. I went deep and rich, and added sparkle with the lighting, so we could snuggle in front of a film and feel cosy.

Sparkly light

Talking of sparkle, I love this light! It was a bargain, and the reflection of light in the corner of the room sends glittery shafts of light acrossthe wall. It’s quite mesmerising!

More sparkles. Now I’m renowned for being not much of a crafter, but when a gorgeous home decor look just can’t be found anywhere in the shops to suit a specific corner, I can be pretty determined. I made this mirror and plastic disc mobile myself, with discs I found at a market in Vancouver, on a final fling ski holiday before we had our daughter. I saw them, and had to have them. It’s the last creative thing I ever did!

Sparkly and minimalist

Now this is my pride and joy. My super-kingsize bed, with a chocolate brown leather headboard, separate zippable (unzipped!) mattresses, and and electric blanket! I have never slept well with another person in my bed, so when marriage, and then children, threatened my precious slumber I invested in this, the most important piece of furniture in our home. I genuinely don’t notice whoever is in my bed when I’m asleep in this. And when I say ‘whoever’ I of course mean that my husband gets moved out in favour of one of the kids occasionally! 

Super Kingsize bed!

Finally, to show just how much I have moved on in the last decade, is evidence of my switch from cool minimalism to random decor that suits the passions of my children. I tried for a while, honestly I did. But eventually I decided I can go back to New York loft style when they have homes of their own. Hopefully in an actual New York loft!

Kids bedrooms

Are you ready to go Through The Keyhole and find out more?

*puts on best Loyd Grossman voice* Who would live in a house like this? Let’s go through the keyhole …JUST CLICK THE KEYHOLE IMAGE TO BE TAKEN TO THE OWNER’S BLOG!


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