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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Through the Keyhole: A Love Story #TTKH

through the keyhole a love story

I’m reflecting… Through The Keyhole has been running for a few months now. When A Residence became part of Wayfair.co.uk it was all about keeping a real blog. So I wanted it to feature real homes too. For inspiration, but also reassurance.

Something must be going right because this week A Residence was announced in the Shortlist of the Amara Interior Blog Awards in Best Organisation Blog, so a big thanks to all those who have given us a peek around their homes!

Through the Keyhole is so much more than snooping though, it has shown me so much of what makes a real home. People admit to tiny, telling things about sharing their home with others, people show beautiful things, with stories behind them, things that make a house a home. It feels like such a privilege to go through the keyhole.

Last week’s Through the Keyhole took us to Steph’s Two Girls home. She showed us exactly what mattered to her family.

Today’s Through the Keyhole is a love story too….I love that her husband took the stunning pictures to illustrate her beautiful words, a real team effort. Although we have yet to meet, today’s Through The Keyhole once worked in the school I used to teach in, and it has been fab to watch her blog fly!

Finally last clue from me, today is a BIG day for her, and whatever happens at the Cosmo Blog Awards (I have everything crossed), she made it to the final which is HUGE!

Through the Keyhole…

We’ve been in our home together for three years now and, as much as we are already outgrowing it, which isn’t helped by my shopaholic tenancies, (“What have you brought now?” is a regular question from my husband) I still love every square inch of it as much as I did the day we moved in. We waited such a long a time to live together and I’m unbelievably grateful to be living in such a bright and modern home with my new-ish husband. I still have that holiday-like feeling being in our flat and I get excited coming home to it everyday…a feeling that I hope will last a lifetime.


Our bathroom is my favourite room in the flat, probably because it was the first room we decorated together when we first moved in. I remember feeling really chuffed (smug newly-living-together-couple) on our first trip to a hardware store to start making all those decisions about tiles and colour schemes. I loved every minute of it. We then added the final touch to it a couple of years later when we picked out this sign during our honeymoon in Mexico. The perfect finishing touch for a room started together as singletons and completed as newlyweds.

Bedroom Shelf

I love books and I have little clusters of my favourites piled around our home and I particularly love this collection on the book shelf in our bedroom because they each have special little memories or messages written in them.


There are maps of London everywhere in our home and not because of our decor style. Oh no…my living room window sills are constantly donning a five foot mounted map, whilst the floor is covered in laminated snippets of London and the most recent installment is another huge map which takes up an entire wall in the kitchen which is covered in hundreds of drawing pins. But I’m reminded that this is a small price to pay for the hard work that will one day pay off when my husband finally becomes a London taxi driver. It’s been a long process and I’m so proud of the hard work, time and effort he is putting into his study of The Knowledge…but boy am I looking forward to the day we can bin these giant maps!


I have a sad little obsession when it comes to laundry and I love this retro sign on the airing cupboard door that conceals my OCD tendencies. I find the whole process therapeutic from washing certain colours together, to hanging out to dry in a specific order, to ironing and putting everything away in it’s rightful-size-colour-style-place. I need to get a life, I know.

Wedding Schedule-001

I’ve had a lot of experience when it comes to weddings and I was keen to ensure that our day ran perfectly, so I created this schedule for our guests to refer to throughout the day. Everyone loved the idea and it worked brilliantly as our guests knew the exact running of the day and most importantly when they were being fed! I love it’s originality and how nine months of stress, sweat and serious planning literally came down to that schedule- our wedding day in a nutshell. Although it doesn’t look it in the photo, (our names have been cropped out!) it’s a really heavy wooden chalk board and, because the walls in our flat are so thin, it has to rest on our bedroom floor, but I hope for it to be a hallway feature in a house one day.

Now, I know you all really want to go through the laundry door and see how she does it, but I can take you through to her blog instead? It is lively, chatty, honest and full of beautiful stuff *puts on best Lloyd Grossman voice* Who would live in a house like this? Let’s go through the keyhole …just click it.


What inspired you about today’s home? Please share in the comments or join the conversations #ttkh @AResidence.

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How about some laundry inspiration, a perfect willow washing basket (currently hugely reduced in the sale…I just bought one thanks to this post), a peg bag to brighten your laundry days, your very own blackboard to customise or a Mexican inspired cushion?

I love maps, although I can see why this house is tired of them, once the knowledge has been gleaned, how about some London wall art to celebrate?

To take part in Through the Keyhole, please contact me using the links in the sidebar or in my About Me page.

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