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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

10 Tidying Hacks for a Cleaner Home

10 Tidying Hacks for a Cleaner Home

When life gets complicated is your home the first place where the cracks start to show? Keeping on top of things when you are busy can be tough, but there are a few simple principles that have been shown to make a big difference when it comes to keeping our homes tidy. Keeping things running smoothly at home helps with the other stuff too, tidy home, tidy mind and all that. Want to know more?

Have a tidying routine

Work out how much time you can dedicate to tidying each day and divide your time between the tasks that need doing. It sounds boring and obvious, but the most highly effective people have clicked that automating processes takes away the pain and the head space. It’s oh so easy to drop important but non urgent things like tidying from your lists, so prioritise them by scheduling the time slot. One big slot at the weekend or lots of little slots – it’s entirely up to you, but don’t scrimp on making your home feel, well, like home.

Little and often can really work

So for example Saturday you spend 30 minutes sorting the kitchen, on Sundays you spend 10 minutes folding washing and on Tuesdays you spend 10 minutes cleaning the bathroom etc etc. Trusting it all gets done is a good feeling and makes you more likely to put the little bits of time in, rather than face catching up on a huge mountain of tidying.

Train your family to help

Delegating can seem more painful at first but it is really worth the effort invested. Plus with kids, you are encouraging them to be responsible, independent and helpful – amazing qualities. Start with making a bed, bringing down dirty washing and putting their dirty plates in the dishwasher – if they can operate an iPad there really is no limit to what they are capable of.

Don’t have more stuff than you have time to tidy

Obvious, but so true, if tidying is taking too much time, before you actually get to cleaning, it is time to revisit your storage and rethink your clutter.

Have a place for everything

The only person in our house who can never find his toothbrush is my son, who likes to wander round the house with it or when he is late, take it on the school run. But, on the whole I bet you know where your toothbrush is? If things have a home, we don’t lose them and they don’t cause clutter. Tidying is great, but sometimes, if you are repeatedly looking for the same thing or tidying the same clutter, it is time to problem solve.

Have the right kit

Make sure you have to hand what you need to keep cleaning things organised and to make jobs easier and tidying does become a little more pleasurable.

If you want to know the secrets to cleaning a house fast , do check out this fast cleaning tips post.

Do you have any tidying hacks to share?

Photo credit: Jason Briscoe via Unsplash.


Home Inspiration: 4 Ways to Incorporate Floral Trends in Your Home

Modern florals offer a fabulous array of possibilities for your home. Whether you look to French country homes, English Country cottages or further afield to jungles or hidden temples, there are so many ways to incorporate florals into your home. From classical and romantic to modern and minimalist, shabby chic and rustic and plenty in-between, floral trends can work for all kinds of homes.

Home Inspiration: 4 Stunning Floral Trends for 2017

Botanica wallpaper

Research expert Micheal Skaff made four predictions for the Flower Trends Forecast 2017, on behalf of the International Floral Distributors. Will these flower trends filter down to our homes?

Skaff suggests that as grey increasingly takes over our homes in a subdued and tricky age, florals have a stronger role to play in bringing nature in and creating homes that are sanctuaries.

Interestingly we’re all keen to be authentic in building our homes, and they are increasingly inspired by our travels and the souvenirs we collect. All four of these trends have strong bases in places around the world.

Have a look at the four trends he has identified and let us know what you think. Continue reading

Stress Less: Create a Homework Station

Creating a Homework StationImage Credit: Shutterstock – Understairs Home Office

We would all like a magic tucked away homework area like this, how brilliant! Well, maybe we can’t all convert the space under the stairs, but there are defintely ways to approach homework that keep it more stress free.

If you are fighting homework battles, the last thing you want is for things to be in the wrong place when you have finally persuaded them to settle down to do some. You don’t have to build a dedicated area, especially when kids are still at primary school, but having a space for dedicated resources helps. We do homework at the kitchen table, it’s the easiest way to tackle things when kids are younger and need support.

A Homework Station or Area

I like to keep our homework things out of the way, so that I know they are always there when we need them, and the supply doesn’t get raided. I use jam jars and boxes to keep it all together in a tucked away cupboard. Out of sight means it is less likely to be raided. We also have a shelf for reference books that might come in handy. Over on Pinterest I’ve seen some fab ideas for a homework station. This could be a tray, a shelf or an area of a cupboard that is dedicated to the stuff they need to get the work done. It can easily be moved to the table whenever it is needed, and put away on a shelf or in a cupboard when it’s finished, ready for next time.

Homework station supplies

Creating a homework station or homework area

Jam jars and cutlery drawers are great for organising pens and pencils, desk files or folders are good for paper supplies, a tray to keep it all on, boxes for bits and pieces.

Glue stick, Scissors, Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Rubber, Handwriting Pens, Plain paper, Ruler, Calculator, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Reference Books, Felt tips, Colouring pencils, Highlighters, Maths equipment, Good lighting.

Homework Station Fun Additions

Stickers and stamps can help motivate, mainly little ones, but not always!

Snacks and hot chocolates always help in our house.

Mini whiteboards are a fun way to practice spellings. The magnetic ones that stick to the fridge are handy for this.

Post its are a fun way to spread facts and spellings around the house, especially good for visual learners and dyslexics who need to remember the shape of the word.

They might not be strictly necessary, but most kids love to play with hole punches, staplers, paperclips, cork boards and drawing pins.  Make it feel like their office and they are more likely to want to be there!

What does your family’s homework set up look like? Has it changed with time? Any tips?

Light a candle, change your home

When did you last light a candle? Writing this I realise mine has burnt down too far to light, and it is time to find a new one. It’s been a gloomy grey Winter this year and I seem to need them more than ever.

Light a candle, change your home

Candles are a lovely ritual, but one that shouldn’t just be reserved for birthday parties. Candles can change our mood, lift our senses and create atmosphere in our homes.

Here’s five reasons to light a candle:

Continue reading

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